Catenian Quiz Night

On Saturday evening of November 27th the local Ringway Catenenian Circle organised a Quiz Night in the church hall with all of the proceeds going to the Christie Hospital in Manchester.

Sixty three parishioners and Catenian members turned up and took part in what was a pleasant evenings fun of memory and recall testing and even in one round a bit of brain teasing!

The evening was introduced by Mark Saunders who gave us some background into the motivation of members of the Catenian organization and their aims. 

Following upon this Mike Rigby introduced himself as the Quiz Master for the evening. There were to be 10 rounds of questions covering a variety of topics. Mike had already prepared and loaded his Laptop with music for a couple of the rounds and this worked very well. Everyone was ready and heads were down for the 1st round! The teams were not of an equal number of participants but never the less all took part in a spirit of 'let's enjoy ourselves'.

It soon became apparent that one team - Pat's Mop Heads - was setting a strong lead, a lead that they held from beginning to end, scoring a very creditable 176.

At the half-way stage of the evenings event a Hot Pot Supper was served that had been prepared by three ladies of the parish, Christine Bodley, Cecelia Bodley and Collette McAndry to whom we offer our thanks.

At the evenings close a bottle prize was presented to the leader of the women's team that had performed so well throughout the quiz.


The event helped to raise a sum of £315 which will be forwarded to the Christie Hospital.

We wish to thank all of those who helped make this such an enjoyable evening.