Parish Groups


Our Mission Statement

Christ Church is the local Catholic community, which celebrates Christ's presence by its active responsibility and concern for the growth of the whole person in the Spirit.

Second Patron

Our Second Patron is Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, on whose feast day, December 8th in 1962, the Parish celebrated its first Mass in the Church.

The Parish supports the Shrewsbury Diocese 'Covenant with the Poor' and has agreed its own 'Covenant with the Poor'.


All Group Leaders may be contacted by telephoning the Church Office on 0161 437 5042


Eucharistic Ministers..... As well as assisting with the distribution of the Eucharist at Masses, we take Communion to any members of our community who are unable to attend Mass in Church. This can be on a daily basis.

Please contact Father Paul Lomas. 0161 437 5042


Readers..... Readers assist at all Masses on a Rota basis.New readers are always welcome.

Please contact Peter & Delia Lucas. 01612 428 0597


Welcomers...... Welcomers provide a friendly face to welcome everyone and help distribute Mass leaflets and the Newsletter. We help on a Rota basis, one week in four.

Please contact Cath Cohen 0161 6108621

Flower Arrangements.... Flowers for the Altar and general enjoyment and for special occasions.

Please contact Rita Fitzsimmons 0161 437 8352 

Choir.... New members are always welcome to join the choir. Previous experience is not necessary, just enthusiasm! We have regular rehearsals - see announcements in the Newsletter.

 Please contact Ann McKiegue 0161 282 7494


Altar Servers.... Any young person who has made their first Holy Communion is welcome to serve on the Altar.

Please contact Father Paul Lomas or Joan Bleackley 0161 437 4435                      


Sacristan... Ms Joan Bleackley. 0161 437 4435



Rosary Group.... The group prays the Rosary in the Church immediately before each weekday Mass, at approximately 9.30am. All are welcome.



Intercession Group...The group help us to deepen our prayer life and reflection on God's Word by writing the intercessions for our Sunday and Vigil Masses. 

Please contact Father Paul Lomas


Children's Liturgy....The Infant Stage children celebrate the Liturgy of the Word in the Church Hall and the Junior Stage in the Quiet Room, both groups rejoining the 11.00 am Sunday Mass at the Preparation of the Gifts.

 Please contact Christine Bodley (Infant Stage) 0161 428 4174

                      Maire Hutchins  for (Junior stage) 0161 437 3979


Confirmation... each year, the young people in their third year (Year 9) of secondary education follow a programme of preparation for Confirmation. New helpers are always welcome.

Please contact Chris Bodley. 0161 428 4174


First Sacraments.... For those children preparing for first sacraments of Forgiveness and First Communion, a programme of events and meetings is organised for the children and their families.

Please contact Father Paul Lomas.

For those children attending non-Catholic schools, please contact Father Paul Lomas.

Family Group.... This is a Bible Study group, which meets monthly in members' homes. The host for the evening choosing the topic and leading the discussion. The aim of this group is to increase our knowledge of the scriptures and to provide support and friendship to each other.

Please contact Ann Taylor.

We would be happy to help set up other prayer groups.

Apparators.... A group of parishioners who assist with car parking and organise the collections in Church.

Please contact Frank Doyle 



Association for the Propagation of the Faith....Now known as 'Missio' The missionary work supported by the APF is by the 'Red Box' contributions. If you would like a collecting box for your home..

                             Please contact Angela Dennehy. 0161 428 8190

Society of St. Vincent de Paul.... We are willing to assist with any charitable work in the Parish. We can offer specialist advice on the care of the elderly.

Please contact Angela Dennehy 



Divine mercy Group...We meet each Monday afternoon at 2.00pm for one hour of prayer and meditation on our Lord's Divine Mercy and the promise he made to St. Faustina when he appeared to her in 1931. 

We pray for families and friends who have problems or are sick and try to bring the message of God's love both in word and deed to all we meet as we go about our daily lives

All are welcome.


Transport....Several of our parishioners bring someone to Church who would otherwise be unable to attend Mass. if you could spare some time it would help spread the load.

Please contact Angela Dennehy.

Church Cleaning.... If you are willing to help with this work on a Rota basis, please contact the group leader for the day you are available. many hands make light work! The coordinator is Pat Whitehead 0161 4283991


Parish Committee.... Every member of the Parish is invited to join this monthly meeting which takes place at 7.00 to 8.30 pm in the Quiet Room on the 1st Wednesday of the month. This is your opportunity to make your views known.

For further information contact please Father Paul Lomas.


Community Care.... There is a programme of care, run by 'Churches Together' in Heald Green. Our contribution is to provide transport for hospital visits (or similar) If you could help, or if you require such assistance..

Please contact Barbara Dell or Ann Dennison.


Wellspring.... On the first Sunday of each month there is a collection of dried or tinned food for the Wellspring Kitchen. Please leave your donations at the back of the church.

  Volunteers are always needed to help at the centre.


Rainbows.... All girls aged between 5 and 7 years are welcome. We meet in the Church Hall on Thursday evenings from 6 until 7 pm in the Church Hall

                                    Please contact Karen Brady. 0161 437 2261 or Moya Pratt 0161 498 9235

Brownies.... All girls between 7 and 10 years are welcome. We meet in the Church Hall on Monday evenings from 6.10 to 7.20 pm in the Church Hall

                               Please contact Carolyn Kodsy. 07986 525327

Guides.... Our aim is to try to encourage girls from 10 years onwards to have a complete training to think for themselves and to care for their world. We meet in the Church Hall on Mondays from 7.30 to 9.00 pm in the Church Hall. New members are always welcome.

Please contact Annette & Paul Kirrane.


Ladies Club... We meet in the Church Hall on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month, at 8 pm. Our evenings vary in style and flavour. All ladies are welcome.

Please contact Collette McAndry.


Whist Drive.... We meet in the Church Hall on Tuesday evenings 7.45 pm. New members are welcome.

Please contact Father Paul Lomas.



Over 50s Club.... We meet in the Church Hall on Wednesday afternoons between 2 and 4 pm. There is no membership fee. Meet friendly people - everyone is welcome.

Please contact C. V. Connolly.

Social Committee.... This committee organises social events to enable all parishioners to meet in a social atmosphere to raise money for charities and the needs of the Church.



Serra Club.... We are a group of men and women who meet together to develop our own spiritual lives, to work together to foster vocations to the priesthood and religious life and for friendship. We meet at 'Westleigh', St. Vincent's Parish Centre, Altrincham on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, from 7.15 to 10.00 pm. We celebrate Mass, share a simple buffet and then listen to a talk. New members are always welcome.

Please Contact gerard and Elizabeth Humphries 0161 428 2335                     

Society for the Protection  of the Unborn Child.... This Branch of SPUC assists in raising funds for the main society and to support the work and ideals of SPUC through prayer.

Please contact Father Paul Lomas.

Churches Together.... The churches in Heald Green work together to provide opportunities for witness to Christ through spiritual and social occasions.

                               Please contact Denise Hardman 0161 437 3316

Piety Stall.... The Piety Stall at the back of church in the Narthex is open after the Saturday Vigil Mass, Sunday Masses and after most weekday Masses. new stock, special items and books can be ordered on request. Catalogues are available from the stall-holders.

Please contact Pat Whitehead 0161 428 3991


Third World.... Our Parish supports the work of CAFOD and the parish of Our Lady of the Rosary in Uchira, Tanzania, through Concern, through prayer, collections and fund-raising activities.  .


Justice & Peace.... Please contact Ann Taylor. 0161 428 2683




Charity Group.... The Charity Group was established to fulfil the commitment in the 'Covenant with the Poor', to raise funds for the Third World and also local charities. The Group is assisted by other Parish Groups and meetings take place as required.