Parish Treasure Hunt

On Sunday evening of July 4th 2010 36 members of the parish participated in a Treasure Hunt kindly organised by Ged, Paul and Collette. At about 4.45pm we all began to gather in the church yard awaiting the arrival of the coach which was to take us to a 'Secret Location'! As we boarded the coach conversation centered around the whereabouts of thins secret location.


Gathering ready for departure

The coach departed shortly after 5.00pm and headed of in the direction of  - who knows?


As the coach continued to make its way  through Cheadle Hulme and ultimately out on to the A6, we wondered was it Lyme Park that we were heading for? No! on we traveled along the A6 and ultimately arriving in Buxton. During the journey Ged distributed a number of quiz sheets to occupy us and everyone was kept busy scratching their heads. As the coach parked up we were greeted with a sharp rain shower and spirits sank for a brief moment. However the sun soon came out again and we enjoyed a lovely summer evening for the rest of our stay in Buxton. 

As we disembarked the coach we were all given our directions and questions for the evenings entertainment and we set off to find the 'Treasure'. The following photographs display a number of the clues which we had to discover and which would lead us back via a circular route the coach ready for the journey home.








After our searches around central Buxton we once again embarked the coach for the journey home during which we were once again given a further series of quiz type questions to solve - and all this after a hard evenings work clue solving!!

We  arrived back at Christ Church at about 8.15pm whereupon we all entered the church hall to enjoy a very welcome buffet which we enjoyed with various drinks which we had each brought along. Whilst we enjoyed our repast the quiz masters were hard at work marking the teams various papers - which couldn't have been an easy task. After much deliberation the winners and followers up were announced and prizes of bottles of wine were given out to the worthy winners.


Father Paul, who had accompanied us all evening after what had been a very bust day saying two masses, conducting a Baptism and a Wedding, proposed a vote of thanks to the organisers with which all those present supported.

A great convivial evening had been enjoyed by all as we each went our differing ways home.