UCHIRA  in Tanzania

In the year 2000 our Millennium Project was to raise money to help build a church in the village of Uchira (a body of running water moving to a lower level in a channel on land) in the Diocese of Moshi, Tanzania - it is also known as Ushira. 


Uchira is situated in Tanzania in eastern Africa within site of the mountain Kilimanjaro 



A view of Mt. Kilimanjaro from the church front door - Whow!!

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To date we have raised £23,000 towards the building of the Church of the Holy Rosary there. Christ Church was represented at the opening ceremony on January 5th 2008 and the lovely tapestry in the side chapel in church made by the parishioners of The Holy Rosary Church, celebrates the ongoing support and friendship between the two  parishes. Father Maningi is the Parish Priest there.


                           Father Maningi                                                     Tapestry made by parishioners of Holy Rosary Church




Holy Rosary      Church               





The Bishop of Moshi at the Consecration Service



Father Maningi visited Christ Church in 2007/8 when he concelebrated with Father Paul at all three Masses. Father Maningi was presented with cheques both from the parish and from the children at Cheadle Infants and Junior School. He is due to visit us  again on the weekend of October 24/25th 2009. We all look forward to meeting up with him again and hearing the latest news from Uchira.





October 2009 Update.

On the 23rd/24th October we were once again pleased to welcome Father Maningi to our Parish. 


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Father Maningi with a group of parishioners after Mass

He spent the weekend in the parish and concelebrated all three Masses with Father Paul and also preached the Homily. During these Masses Father Maningi was presented with monies which had been raised over the year and were the results of various fund raising activities which had taken place.


November 2011 Update  

A letter from Father Maningi.    

  For those of you who would like to read the full proposal for the project referred to by Father Maningi in his letter, you can do so HERE. An abbreviated version can also be read HERE. I am sure that we would all wish to give this project and Father Maningi our whole hearted support.

We are also pleased to hear that Father Maningi is planning to visit the UK and Christ Church in 2012 at a date yet to be decided. We will look forward to his visit



April 21st 2012 Update.

This weekend Father Maningi has again visited Christ Church.  He concelebrated the Saturday evening Vigil and the 9.00am Sunday morning Mass with Father Paul. He was the main celebrant at the 11.00am sung Mass at which Father Paul concelebrated. Father Maningi at the Homily gave us an update on the progress in Uchira and thanked us for our valued and continued support and prayers. Photographs of Father Maningi's Silver Jubilee celebration, Moshi Technical School and Pagnani beach area may be seen HERE